Ben Schachter: Tenor Guy Hawkins HR 8

Hi Ed, Got it! You did a magnificent job and it plays beautifully. I’m sure I will get many happy hours of playing time on it! Thank you. Thanks again, Ben Schachter 

(Ben’s CD’s are all fantastic! – EZ)

Will Donato: Tenor Strathon Ajustatones

Ed, your work is absolutely brilliant. I will be using the mouthpieces handcrafted by you on my new national CD release *Radio*

Will Donato – Innervision Records

Will Donato: Alto Strathon Ajustatones

Hi Ed! I had to stop everything I am doing to let you know how amazing your EZ Alto Strathon is to me!! To get me off a Beechler metal alto I have been playing for fifteen years (direct from my friend Judy Beechler) is saying something. This EZ has so much signature sound in it. I get the contemporary bite of metal and the soulful hard rubber vibe of a Cannonball-Grover setup. I can even bop on this setup!! Thank you so much!! I have been working so hard for my new single to come up with a signature approach and this mouthpiece will facilitate this!! Ed Z – Magic man!!! I have a new national single coming out in January and I will mention you in the credits along with my mixing engineer and producers. You are very talented and thanks so much!! Will Donato

Simon Peat: Alto Dukoff D8

Dear Ed – I am a pro sax player in England and tour with such people as Amy Winehouse, Duffy, Joss Stone and Rod Stewart. For the past year I’ve been playing one of your modified Dukoffs. This is the best mouthpiece I have ever played on alto – even better than the Saxworks piece that this replaced. Basically it’s that Sanborn vibe but without the normal Dukoff squeaking! Thank you for your time and for your mouthpieces that make playing a joy and have helped me discover my true voice. All the best – Simon Peat

Ed (alto Dukoff) arrived this morning and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!! This is even better than my previous piece….so much so that I am going back into the studio next week to rerecord my new album completely (well the sax parts!). Thank so so very much…… All the best – Simon

 Joshua James: Baritone STM, Riffault – Tenor Saxscape

Ed – The work you’ve done for me is top notch. Thank you so very much. The link (STM) and the R4 sound great on my bari and the Saxscape piece absolutely wails on my tenor. Joshua

Tenor Keilwerth Jazz 6* Ed – The mouthpiece kicks ass!!!! You did an AWESOME job on this, man. I love love love it. I spent 60 minutes playing both side by side. I used the exact same reed/lig setup; I even recorded my sound. Hands down, the custom job is far superior. The sound is way more even throughout the horn. The upper stack sounds great, not too thin, and the low end is gorgeous. I’m able to push a Stan Getz velvety sound of that low C, B, and Bb. But, when I want to push, I get just the right amount of edge and projection I want. I’ll probably have you do some more pieces. I’ve already given your e-mail to a few more local guys, so hopefully they’ll bite. Thanks, man! Joshua

Tony Caughern: Ponzol M1

Hi Ed, The tenor Ponzol M1 S Custom arrived this pm. Oh my, it is just magnificent. It is like a rich desert, a delightful indulgence that’s so good and impossible to put down! The sound is very full, complex, free blowing, and very lively. It has a bold richness with a little edge, yet still smooth as silk. It is just an awesome tenor sound. The more I played it the better it sounded and the more I liked it. Yes, I believe this may be the pinnacle of the pieces you’ve done for me, although every piece you’ve done has been outstanding. This Ponzol is just as you said, unique. I truly believe this is an amazing mouthpiece and the tenor sound I’ve been looking for. Yes – it is my new prized tenor piece, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!! It is too good and really indescribable 🙂 Thanks Ed, you’ve out done yourself my friend.

Tony Caughern – Tenor Dukoff D

Hi Ed, Just wanted to let you know the Dukoff performed like champ today. It spoke with a clear tone and spot on intonation. The projection is big, but so easy to control. I gotta tell ya Ed, it’s been #1 for a while.  After my special, there were many great comments of how “good that sax sounded, wow that was beautiful. I don’t often play solo’s. Usually it’s with two trumpets. It is a great, great piece. I just love everything about it, truly. I just can’t tell you how well it plays for me, up and down. I look forward to the alto Dukoff big time. And, yes, we’re still doing a bari Dukoff. Gosh, I’ve become a Dukoff man, who woulda thunk it?? Hey, if they don’t have EZ engraved on them, I wouldn’t give you 2 cents for those squeak machines. Thanks for the Dukoff tenor piece Ed – it’s a pleasure to play. P.S. Thanks for these outstanding mouthpieces and thanks for putting up with me, and trying to figure out what I want. It’s such a cool journey, finding my voice and expression through different EZ mpcs. You always treat me with dignity and respect. And you are very fair in all our dealings.

Tony Caughern – Baritone Dukoff D

Hey Ed – Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow. The bari Dukoff is just really great. It arrived this afternoon and I just got through blowing for an hour on it. Here’s the report vs. my former #1 mpc in the case. Your Dukoff has the sound. Using a sanded 2.5 Fibracell it’s just ballsy, James Brown, Tower of Power funk down low, but will soar with you all the way up and down. The lows can burp and bark or cry softly. Ed this is where you take out the other piece. I like the tone better on the Dukoff, although I liked the other one too. What I hear and feel is the control. On your Dukoff I can wail one minute and the next blow soft and gentle subtones. The ff’s are there Tower of Power style, but then the hushed pp’s sing like a broken hearted lover. That’s where you take out the other piece, the tonal control and expression. Basically the other piece has one, maybe two gears – your Dukoff is a ten speed. It is amazing control from the low A to the altissimo. It can be a beast one moment, a gentleman the next. I’ve never had such tonal and volume control on bari before. It is just awesome Ed, it is just awesome. Maybe the most impressive one you’ve done for me yet. Really!! Right now I can’t think of a better playing experience and style for me than your Dukoff. It is just what I had hoped for, and man, I just can’t believe how it works. So I like it pretty well, ok? Let me put it this way, THE EZ BARI DUKOFF RULES!!!!! Sorry to be so gabby, but wow, oh man, wow……. Tony

Jordan VanHemert: Alto Meyer, Otto Link Tone Edge

Ed – I received the mouthpieces yesterday, (Wow! That was fast!) and I got to play them today. They are simply fantastic. The roundness of sound that the Otto Link tends to provide is wonderful, and it is a great mouthpiece for combo work. I am also so impressed with the Meyer. The depth of the sound is incredible, and it is an amazing mouthpiece to be able to shape and use as an expressive tool. The Meyer has a richness and resonance that allow me to really sing, even in the upper register. The tone is clear, but it is always warm as well. There is a lot of balance…it is truly a work of art. The altissimo register speaks with resonance and clarity. This is everything my old Meyer 6M should have been but never was. While I realize that it will be about a week until I truly feel adjusted to the mouthpieces, they play so naturally and I don’t know that I will need a week. Hands down, this Meyer is one of the best mouthpieces I have ever played. The Meyer has that extra “Je ne sais quoi” that makes a mouthpiece special. I feel like I can even control it enough to use it for combo work if I wanted to (I may do just that!). You have fine tuned this mouthpiece, and I will use it when I play every day for multiple hours every day to make my art from your art. Worth the wait? World’s biggest understatement. I regret to inform you that I am unable to return these mouthpieces to you. : ) Thanks for the honor of letting me play your wonderful works of art. Here’s to you and your excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence….all of these things certainly shine in your refacing work. Best Regards, Jordan VanHemert

Harrison Goldberg: Tenor Otto Link Tone Edge

Hello Ed, My saxophone – which I exuberantly acquired in 1962 after first hearing a Stan Getz recording – has never sounded better, richer and fuller than when I recently (and enthusiastically I might add) affixed the new 5* Otto Link Tone Master Tenor Sax mouthpiece to it that you developed for me. My congratulations to your masterful refacing skills. The piece is exceptional! Your mouthpiece, in concert with my newly acquired neck, creates the perfect complement and plays evenly, and at varying dynamic levels, throughout the entire range of the horn. I’m most anxious to use the new set-up at an upcoming concert and at subsequent jazz gigs during the next few months with several ensembles. Today I spent many joyful hours in my studio practicing in anticipation of these engagements. Your mouthpiece facilitated this wonderful process. …And now, I’m most eager to have you create, and as soon as possible, the metal Otto Link tenor sax mouthpiece counterpart, in all aspects similar to the rubber piece you have brilliantly crafted. Thanks again Ed. Most Sincerely, Harrison

Paul Kasold: Tenor Vandoren Soul Jazz

Hi, Ed – The Vandoren Soul Jazz went supersonic today. Never before have I ever had so many harmonics, sub-tones, overtones, altissimo…etc. Everything was coming at me in a fast but very controlled manner. I sounded unbelievable. And so friggin loud when I wanted to – but also beautiful when barely pushed at a whisper. Man, when I blow the low notes on that fire breathing DRAGON, people can hear it over a block away through my windows. What a piece!!! This felt like whatever creative idea I had would not only work, but give me 3 times as many options work the idea out. I really felt like an artist today. I owe it all to your work on the Soul Jazz – my #1 new tenor saxophone mouthpiece. I am a bad-ass now. Look out world. Here I come 🙂 Paul

Dan Teare: Selmer S80-D

Hi Ed: Thanks for your help with these mouthpieces. You do GREAT work – one of the pieces is amazing: the Selmer D. As usual, there will be an adjustment period – but initial impression is wonderful & free blowing. Interesting facing: If I play legit, it has great overtones, intonation is good, and intervals are quick and correct, and real nice spin to the sound, great altissimo. If I back off – GREAT subtones! If I open up to do the jazz thing – WOW! – It even makes that happen – convincingly. And – I can voice the air flow in a million different ways to change the timbre and voicing – which is one of the last things that I look for; virtually no mouthpiece allows you to play with that (facings, baffle & throat aren’t voiced together correctly). Very reminiscent of the piece I used at the World Sax Congress in Montreal – maybe better. All in all – I’m very happy & will be in touch for your help on renewing my big band section piece. Sincerely – Dan Teare West Point Band alumni Mid-Hudson Saxophone Quartet

Don Zentz: Tenor Ponzol M2 Stainless Steel

Hi Ed – The mouthpieces arrived. I just got done playing them for about an hour. I love the stainless!!! Yes, more free with high clarity. I like it now better than the brass 120!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for your work and professionalism, Ed. It is extremely appreciated! Don

Brian Johnson: Various Ponzol M2 – Brass and Stainless Steel

Hi Ed – I got the pieces last Thursday, and have had a chance, now, to play through them a couple times. The first reaction that comes to mind is WOW! Great Job! The 110 brass piece plays so much like the original that I can barely tell which is which when it’s in my mouth. I had hoped for this. The 120 brass piece also sounds pretty identical, and responds about the same. … Overall, I am calling this experiment of mine a huge success. The 4 pieces play closer than if I had picked up 4 off the shelf of the same piece and play tested them. By the way … the Lawton piece plays great too. Absolutely great to play, and just what I had hoped it would come back playing like. Thanks again for your diligence and exacting work, Ed. Soon I will post some kind of review and accolades for this project on SOTW. Right now I’m in mouthpiece heaven. Brian

Brad Fisher: Alto Dukoff

Hi, Ed. I love the piece! I had one years ago but it chirped and squawked and squeaked but this piece breaks up in all the right places. I don’t care if I sound like Sanborn I love playing the blues, gospel, R&B and all that and its right up my alley!! I’ll never be a Sonny Stitt etc. I gotta be who I am and that’s an R&B player. Thanks! – Brad

Ed Covi: Tenor Barone Contemporary

Dear Ed, Got the Barone mpc in the mail. Thanks for the superior workmanship… you gave this mpc a third lease on life. I now have an mpc that I can uses on any rock date without hesitation. Pitch and articulation are right on – and all with great projection. I have some other pieces I would love for you to improve. I’ll be in touch. Thanks again, Ed

Tuomas Heinonen: Tenor Wolf Tayne Metal

Got the mouthpiece yesterday! Wow! It’s fantastic! I slapped a LaVoz MH reed on it and it really plays easily with a dark projecting sound. Very versatile – from mainstream jazz to nastier R&B. It does it all! Thanks Ed! I knew you could turn this mpc into a monster! Tuomas

Gustav Roth: Alto Dukoff

Hi Ed, I received the mpc over the weekend and immediately noticed and appreciated your craftsmanship. Well, I set out and gave the Dukoff a “working over’. I immediately noticed the free blowing nature of the piece and moved up half a reed strength to get just the right amount of “resistance”. Unlike my previous Dukoff, the sound remained constant/even throughout all the registers (did not get thin in the high register). The piece can whisper and when speeding up the air the sound comes alive and has a nice “bite” to it. Although it is difficult to explain, I would describe the overall sound as bright but at the same time nice and fat. This piece complements my sound. In summary the mpc is much more than I hoped for. Once again, thank you for a wonderful mouthpiece. Kind regards Gustav Roth

Tony Franczkowski: Tenor STM NY

Ed, Received the link today. Even with a make shift lig and a reed from my Morgan HR setup, it’s fantastic. Just a bit more resistance and what a foo foo sound. I’d find it hard to believe that the JK + vintages could do as well or any better. Superior job and my sincerest thanks. Tony

Shiono Yasushi: Tenor Brilhart Hard Rubber

Hello Ed, The mouthpiece arrived safely today. I was very satisfied with a wonderful make. It became easy to blow very much. It is a feeling to which Zoot Sims’s sound has been emitted. Thank you for immediately working. Yasushi

Mark Vandermark: Tenor Brilhart Personaline

Thank you for your excellent work, it is wonderful finding a superior craftsman the Brilhart plays better than I could have ever imagined. Mark Vandermark School of Music, Instrument Technician Louisiana State University

Daniele Bergese: Tenor Berg Larsen – Stainless Steel

ED, THANKS A LOT! I really like the work you have done to my mpc. It is exactly what I wanted. I never had a mpc like this! You are great handcraft, precise and punctual. I will tell you are the man to everybody who needs refacing. Thanks a lot again. Have a nice day. Kind regards. Daniele

Jim Warshauer: Tenor Otto Link Tone Edge Slant Signature (filled mic hole)

Hi Ed, I got the Link and have a big complaint. You made it play so amazingly well that now I can’t sell it and am forced to retire my Gregory. This is unacceptable!!! Just kiddin around, man that piece is sweet and cutting through little problem areas like a hot knife through butter, it’s just got a delicious response. Doesn’t feel as loud as my Gregory but it has so much more tone I don’t think there is an issue. I’ve stepped up to trying it with 3 1/2 as I come down from a 100 tip to a 92 and it is very dialed in and focused. Fantastic job Ed, yesterday when it arrived was my birthday – I wanted to treat myself to something and this piece is it. Regards, Jim

Steven Kieley: Alto Tone Edge Custom

Hi Ed Tone edge arrived on Friday. Yeah man! I played it on a combo gig Friday night and it was great! Easy to control, freeeee-blowing and with a little zing when I called on it, yet easy to blend at softer dynamic levels. It will be rivaling my RPC 90 as my big band/combo/pit orchestra mouthpiece. Crazy week and weekend so I will get the NY STM tenor off to you tomorrow, promise. Thanks again! Steve

Michael Gallagher: Tenor STM 7*

Hi Ed, Got the Link yesterday – played it as much as I could before my wife got home. Now that’s how a tenor should sound! You my friend are a genius. This piece that you fashioned is remarkable. It is just perfect and what a sound. I have no trouble giving it more air as you suggested. I love playing it. The quick response, brightness, rich lows, full fat sound, it is more than I could imagine. You are a magician. Thanks Ed – you have sent me on my way to a fabulous tenor sound. Could you make me another one just like it? I would love to have a backup. Let me know if you can fit me in. All the best Ed, Mike Gallagher

 Jeff Boudman: Alto Meyer 5MM

My son’s first mouthpiece was the standard Meyer 5MM. It never produced a full sound and it always squeaked on the high notes. He tried several mouthpieces and favored a Couf Artist that occasionally squeaked. We sent the Couf to EZ over a year ago and it came back playing much better and it never squeaked again. The Couf became his #1 mouthpiece. I decided to send the Meyer 5MM to Ed to see if he could improve it and as a change of pace. The Meyer is now my son’s favorite. I can’t believe the difference in sound. I can only describe it as round, fat, and WOW! My son had a big grin on his face after playing it. Thanks, Jeff Boudman

Federico Palmieri: Alto Meyer 6SS Custom

Hello Ed – I’ve just received the mouthpiece and I am having a lot of fun. As I had told you I use to play with a wonderful New York Meyer and it’s amazing how different the sound is with this mouthpiece of yours. Now I think I’ll keep switching from one to the other depending on the mood and on the sound I want to create. Thanks a lot for the wonderful job. Ciao Federico

Torbjorn Stenson: Tenor Tone Edge Tenney Slant 7

Hi Ed! Yesterday I got the Tenney Link HR that you opened up for me, and I’m very happy with the job you performed on it. I don´t know exactly what you did, but it has an overall better response and the slightly bigger tip opening fits me much better. I would very much like to get back to you in a while with my Meyer alto that needs to be brushed up. Best regards Torbjorn Stenson

Dan Hulgas: Alto Dukoff D7 Custom

Hello Ed! I got to finally play it for an hour this evening, and I really think I am going to love it! You have done an AMAZING job on this Ed. There will definitely be an adjustment period, because I am SO used to my Guardala – I have played on only that mpc for the past 10 years. That said though I am so looking forward to spend some time with this, I am very pleased with the sound and intonation-not at all what I have found on the various stock Dukoffs that I have ever tried. I tried it with Java 3’s, as they are all I have now, but it really does blow great Ed. My only regret is that I want to buy another to keep in a safe as a spare…….. Ed, I will update you after I finally have some real quality time playing it over the weekend, I am very excited for this! Thanks again for your amazing work, all I have heard about your work is understood now my friend-hats off!! Thanks again Dan

Andreas Andersson: Tenor Vandoren T9

Hi, Ed – I received the mpc today! Just took a quick try, and yeah it feels good, doesn’t choke like the factory T9 I tried. For me, this is the ultimate versatile mpc. Big Thanks Andreas

John Dickin: Tenor Lawton 6 Star B

Hi Ed – Great news the Lawton 6 Star has finally arrived. Ed this mouthpiece is no longer the Lawton that I sent you it should be called the EZ Lawton Phoenix. I have just had two hours playing – it’s everything you say and more. Free blowing, great tone, so fast, reed friendly. I tried it using a 2 1/2 Alexander – also Zonda and Vandoren Jazz reeds – great results. Ed this mouthpiece is wasted on me I know I will never be able to do it justice But it I know it will take my playing to new heights and keep me trying and that I want to thank you for. On your way home just take a minute and listen you may hear me playing this piece – it’s Magic. THANKS ED once again. Best wishes to you and yours….. John.

John Dickin: Tenor HR Berg

Hi Ed. Just to say this piece is Great, Flexible. Has a great sound and plays wonderful top to bottom – it is so good. Thanks for your time and effort! – John

John Dickin: Tenor Couf Hard Rubber 4* Streamline

Hi Ed. I’ve got it. Your work of art has arrived this morning. Just tried the piece for half an hour, and the sound is right there on the money, now I have a lovely old SBA and a great period sound. Now I have to learn to get the best out of the piece. It is very different to the Jody Jazz metal. Firstly, I seem to need a larger volume of air to support my playing, i.e. a four beat note at the end of a long phrase takes more getting, its easer to bend notes, Body and Soul sounds right. So mournful. I know I will get to love the mouthpiece after long practice to get control. Can you suggest reed strengths never played above a 3, or makes. I’ve put a Rover lig on it for now. So thanks again ED nice dealing with you I’m sure I will be back for more. John UK

Todd Yee: Tenor SS Berg 105

Ed, the Berg plays fantastically! Good tone, response, alt, and intonation are superb. Does everything I want it to. Thanks again, Todd

Brian Axelrod: Tenor STM NY

Hello Ed, The pieces came back today and I have to tell you that you did an even better job than I expected given that the NY body is larger. It kind of sounds like the other with a deeper feel to it – very nice. Now I’ll have to control myself from blowing a load on sending a bari STM that I like but it needs a bit more projection, ah one day… Thanks and if there’s anything I can do for you don’t hesitate asking. Brian

Brian Axelrod: Tenor STM 7* Millennium


Juneman Kim: Alto Vandoren Java A35 Blue

Hi, good morning! Last night I get my Mouth Piece and My son play sax with Blue Java. Very nice sound, rich and clearing, No bite etc. Wife and son very happy last night. Thank you very much for your kindness. Juneman Kim

Jason Parker: Tenor Dukoff D, Baritone S80 C*

Hi Ed – WOW! Thank you for all the hard work you put into the Dukoff and the S80. They both play superbly. The S80 has a perfect tone to it and I have to say, the rollover baffle is a work of art – I had a hard time seeing where the original met the new! Cosmetically, the Dukoff doesn’t look the same as the tatty piece you were sent, but it plays even better. It will take me a bit of time to get used to it as I was playing a D4 (the one you did was D5), but it seems to be helping me work on the harmonics more so than any of my other pieces. Anyhow, thanks again, it was great to have these pieces worked on by you, especially when I couldn’t provide detailed information on what I wanted and you got it bang on. Also you didn’t “stick the arm in” on your fee, which was appreciated. Jason

Mark Lanus: Riffault Soprano pieces

Ed – Had a chance to try out the two Riffault pieces you modified for me. I am very happy with both of them. The Vito/Riffault has a bit more edge and a slightly smaller tip and the Ideal/Riffault a slightly bigger tip and slightly less edge. This is great as I now have two pieces that are what I was looking for with some slight variation between them. I actually like them far better than the Yani Metal 7, so I will probably sell it after making sure about this decision by playing all of them on several jobs. I think with your work on the Riffault pieces I have finally found what I was looking for. Thanks so much for your good work. Mark

Calvin Stemley: Tenor Runyon Quantum Metal


Don Mark: Alto Meyer NY USA 5MM

Hello Ed – I received the Meyer alto mpc today. Wow, what a difference in appearance. I cannot believe that you got most of those ligature marks off the piece. I’ve done an initial play test this afternoon and I will use it extensively tonight at a rehearsal. As you may recall, my primary mouthpiece on my Mark VI alto is a Meyer New York USA 4SM that you refaced to a .80. That piece has plenty of edge as well as the sound I like on alto for me (which I can only describe as a David Sanborn attack with a Phil Woods tone and body). I absolutely love that piece. The Meyer 5MM which you just worked on has an almost identical attack and sound character (which I am delighted with) but with a complete different dynamic of wind flow. Whereas I do not experience any resistance with the 4SM, I notice a significant amount of resistance, which is the same amount of resistance that I experienced with the piece before it was modified. I haven’t decided whether or not this is a good thing or not for me. But sound wise, it is right on the mark. More to follow after some serious playing tonight. Thanks again, Don Mark

David F Smith: Tenor Guardala

Ed, just wanted to drop you a note and ‘thank you’ for the great work you did on this piece. I know it was in bad shape and you did an exceptional job. Thanks very much and take care. Dave

Ally Fiola: NY Meyer Alto

I just received my mouthpiece, and it plays wonderfully. It has a great range and a beautiful sound. Thank you for the excellent work! It was definitely a pleasure working with you. Ally Fiola

Dan Fleming: Tenor Berg SS 125/1/M

Ed, I got the Berg back a few days ago and really like it. Great job! It plays just the way I had hoped it would. Thank you so much. Dan Fleming

Bennett Carl: Tenor STM

Ed – Everything went really well this weekend and last night. I used the piece for lead tenor on a “tribute to Woody Herman” concert and two other big band gigs (a wedding and a corporate gig). I’ve played a few vintage Links in the past and they were nothing compared to this piece! Very full, great articulation and quick response. I actually had to go to harder reeds (from a Rico Jazz 3M to 3H) because the piece plays so freely! I’ve truly found my life long piece here. I’m going to use it for my Masters Degree audition coming up in the spring. Thanks for a great piece! I have a Meyer alto I want to send to you. Thanks, Ben

Jim Ritter: Vandoren V16 T9 (HR)

Ed, I have been in Las Vegas for a week and only had time to respond to your original ad. I did receive the mouthpiece – it is in perfect shape. It performed far beyond my expectations, more to my liking over the Lamberson L6 that I have which is a bit on the dark side. I played the V16 on my Mark VI in church last Sunday before I flew out and enjoyed the brightness with character in the sound on the full range. Thanks again, Jim

Brian Stahl: Tenor STM 8 Custom

Hi Ed, The very first time I blew into your custom STM, I put the horn down and thought, “It’s pretty cool but I still prefer my STM.” The EZ STM’s response was so free blowing and different from my STM that it made me uncomfortable. I felt like I wanted a size 6 reed. After about 10 minutes things began to settle as I realized that I didn’t have to blow a wall down to bring out the edge on this thing. You must have lengthened the facing because the EZ link has more of a difference with more mouthpiece than my stock. After playing for about 15 minutes this mouthpiece suddenly just clicked. I realized that this mouthpiece can be played like my V16 but has the core of my STM! This is huge for me…you have no idea. I remember recently playing a rubber V16 and was stunned at how easy it was to play soft and still project with a solid core and just enough edge. Well this custom link is the same except it still sounds like my stock link…maybe a tick brighter. A real test for me was to play through some Ferling etudes. I can articulate and play the nuances with the custom link. I avoided classical etudes with my regular link at all costs… I put my stock link away and plan to use this custom link. Intonation is spot on. I have to voice the lower register and altissimo a little different than my link but not a problem…just have to get used to the new voicing. Bottom line…This mouthpiece is everything I love about my V16 and STM all rolled into one mouthpiece! Thanks! Brian

Dan Colaluca: Tenor Vandoren T8

Hi Ed. Just a quick howdy. I’ve finally gotten used to the new mpc (T8), & I’ll be trying it out at my gig this weekend. Alexander Superial 3 work really well. It’s a great sounding piece. Thanks for taking it on… (Later…) Hi Ed, Thanks for a great piece. I spent a couple hours putting most of my recycled reeds on it, & they all play well on it. The mpc is more comfortable & it works with the F. Louis lig really well. I couldn’t be happier with it. Dan

Stencli Tamas: Soprano Dukoff D6

Dear Ed, the D6 soprano just arrived, it’s great! Thanks Tom

Eugene Kirton: Tenor Dukoff D Custom

Got the mouthpiece tested a little blows my M7 Metalite away, didn’t work with a fibre ligature but the F.L. and Legere reed brought out the sound I like. Thanks it’s what I need for those guitar players.

George McCloy: Tenor STM NY

Ed Mouthpiece is excellent. It really sounds great on my 5 digit Mark VI. I will be sending the other Link STM to you. Thanks George Mc Cloy

Eric Walentowicz: Tenor Dukoff P8

Hi Ed, I just had to write and tell you that I picked up a box of Hemke 3’s and I cannot believe how good they sound on the Dukoff P8 you refaced for me. I’m not sure if the reeds I had were too molded to the other MP I used to play, or perhaps I just got an exceptional box of Hemke’s. But all of them in the box sound great on this mp. I tried them on previous mp’s I played and just flat out rejected them because they were stuffy. Well, I’m stunned because on this Dukoff they are not too hard and not too soft, but also give body to the sound and just zing with overtones but don’t thin out like the java’s and are not too bright like the Vandoren Traditionals, even though they are French cut reeds. Go figure. Still using the BG ligature. A couple people have already noticed what a great sound it is. Thanks again Ed! I think we really got a winner. Appreciate your very helpful comments to get me to this point… Eric

Lea Macquarrie: Tenor STM

Ed – Wanted you to know I got the EZ Link. It is now the most free blowing Link I have ever played. Altissimo is effortless, and the sound is not at all edgy. I will try it with some new reeds that have not accommodated themselves to the table of the Tonemaster – and I expect, good as it is, it will be even better. Thanks, Ed. Lea

Gordon Giedt: Dukoff, Vern Buck pieces

Ed – I got the reeds on Friday so I wanted to give you an update on the Dukoff and tenor VB. Both play wonderfully with V16 #3’s! Right after I ordered new reeds I realized I had overlooked some newer ZZ #3’s. I played them on both pieces with much better results, but when I put on a V16 they were just wonderful. The VB does feel like a punchy Meyer; also kind of like my Jody Jazz, only better. I took it to Community Band (where I usually play flute) for a solo “Dixieland Jam” and it worked perfectly in that setting. The Dukoff really loves the V16’s. No chirp problems at all. I used the Gale alto at its first gig this weekend, playing in the pit for a high school musical, and it was just the ticket. (It is my main piece to give lessons with since it sounds so sweet and can be played pp with ease.) Thanks again, Gordon

Miguel Correa: Tenor STM

Hi Ed, The STM plays great! I compared it side by side to my slant (what I’ve been playing for the last few weeks) and the Slant had a little more focused, clear tone, the STM had a darker, rounder tone. The response on the STM is better throughout the entire range of the horn. I put the Slant back in the drawer and will play the STM exclusively for now…with overtones and just getting used to the thing, I should be able to get that little extra punch in the sound that I have on the slant (and that I had on the STM before it got bent and I sent it off). The STM is the clear winner in every other category–including altissimo, which seems to come out easier now that you’ve done this work. Maybe it’s the fact that I have been playing overtone exercises more, on all these different horns. Or maybe you’ve just done it again. In any case, I look forward to getting reacquainted with this piece and what it can do. My two concerts this week went great–a ballad feature and two other solos in the big band, and a successful first performance with the Wind Ensemble. Now I switch to baritone sax for the wind ensemble–that Runyon you set me up with plays great! After only a few hours, I already feel like I can play the thing. Thanks so much man….you’ve been a tremendous help to me in my quest for tone(s). Now I’m going to go shed… have a great day! Miguel

Chad Gates: Selmer Series III Tenor Setup

Hi Ed, I have worn that sax out and it needs more adjustments! O.K., just kidding! Actually I wanted to tell you again how much better the action is. I was playing it the other day…..and playing it……well I went on for some time thinking “this is really good.” Next thing I know a few hours had passed. That tenor was playing so well I must have entered another dimension…… Later, Chad

Dave Collins: Meyer 5M

Ed, All I can say is WOW!!!! I can’t believe the new life you’ve breathed into this piece! I measured it against my Tonalin, and there is NO comparison. I’m delighted with the flexibility that you’ve built into this facing. I tried it with a RJS 2H Unfiled, and it was amazing. I’m not accustomed to open pieces, but I am pleased with how this one feels. I was a bit skeptical when you said you were opening it up to a 7. I’m glad that I trusted you. I tried some subtoning, and loved how easily low notes speak. High notes are also quite full. Altissimo is worlds easier than before your tweaking. One of my favorite aspects of the mouthpiece is that I can push more air into it and gain some brightness and edge. I always felt like the old 5M was lacking in that regard. I’ll likely try a somewhat softer reed. I also traded for a JodyJazz ESP, so I’ll be comparing these two pieces. While both speak with ease, the Meyer has a fuller sound. I’m going to record both pieces this weekend and I’ll send them to you to hear what you think. Again, you are a miracle worker! I am floored about the new Meyer. I’ll be sending any further refacing work to you. I really appreciate your helpfulness along the way. I’ll post an update on SOTW, but be wary: I’m quite the eloquent writer and you may end up inundated with business when I’m done. I’ll be in touch. I intend to send the Tonalin off to you to be banded and refaced at some point. Thanks again! Dave

Robert Cora: Alto Soloist (vintage)

Hi Ed, Got the mouthpiece, thanks a lot, best mouthpiece ever, just can’t stop playing it. I think my Vandoren is going on vacation. Thanks, Robert

Andy Robinson: Tenor STM 6

Hello Ed- I am simply amazed at what a difference there is, it sounds so much better and so much closer to “the sound” that I’ve always wanted. I really had no idea that this kind of work to a mouthpiece could make that much of a difference. I haven’t been playing the tenor that long and it seems like we’re always learning something new. I’m feeling more confident about my playing. I don’t know what magic fairy dust you sprinkled on it but all I can say is thank you for a job well done. I appreciate your craftsmanship very much. Sincerely, Andy Robinson

Christian Naudes: Custom Soprano from original Buescher blank

Dear Ed I received yesterday morning the mouthpiece and I have to try it! It’s wonderful – perfect! It’s that I like and my musician friends found it very nice. Perhaps one of them would like order to you the same. Thank you very much and congratulations. Christian

 Jerry Storer: Tenor STM Early Babbitt

Ed, I’ve been playing this piece exclusively for over a month now. I don’t know exactly what you’ve done, judging by the tonal characteristics not much, because it hasn’t altered the core sound at all, but now this thing plays! It’s reliable and has to some extent has made me re-evaluate new Ricos! I’ve retired my Berg, this STM is now the only mpc in my tenor case – I’ve even stopped trawling e-bay (for tenor pieces at least)! The down side is I’ve become paranoid about dropping it or losing it – where could I ever find another one just like it? Thanks again for turning this “almost, but not quite” EB STM into “perfection”! Jerry

Rob Pilaczynski: Alto STM 10 (Florida)

Wow! I think that’s the only word I can think of right now! I’ve been playing the STM all day, and it’s great! All the stuffiness and un-playability are gone! I can’t believe how great it sounds using a 1.5 Fibracell! Thank you so much Ed! I might (will) be sending you some pieces in the future; I am really impressed with your work! So, stay tuned! Thanks a lot! Rob

Stefan Immler: Tenor Barone Jazz

Hi Ed — I received the Barone Jazz last night and had a chance to play it today. Overall, the mpc plays fantastic and you did an amazing job!! The altissimo is easy to blow and sounds beautiful, and playing softly down in the low range of the horn is a breeze as well. I couldn’t be happier — especially after having played an Otto Link (yikes) while the Barone was at your shop. No comparison at all: the Barone is exactly what a perfect Link _could_ be. Thanks again for your wonderful work! My search for “the perfect” mpc is over (ah well, at least for a while) Cheers, Stefan

Mark Stout: Tenor Tone Edge

HI Ed! Great work!! I picked up the piece from the P.O. on Tue, they tried to deliver it Mon but I was at work. I’ve been playing it the last 3 days or so, and it definitely plays better than it did before. It seems have a lot more resonance, and the response is great all over the horn. Thanks again, you were great to deal with and I’ll definitely be taking advantage or your services again. Best regards, Mark Stout

Wil Or: Alto Gregory Model A

Dear Ed, the Gregory arrived safely today. Played it just a while, I was so pleased with it as the high notes come easier with highly clarity. This is what I am looking for. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Luis Hernandez: Meyer Bros NY Alto 5M Small Chamber


Alastair Grant: Otto Link Tenor STM

Hi Ed. My Link arrived middle of last week. I love it! It does just what I wanted and plays really easily. The most noticeable thing is the extra punch and volume compared to the Lebayle. I need to get a medium Fibracell as even with the bigger tip the Med soft is a little soft but that’s good. Thanks again. Chalk up another satisfied customer. Cheers Alastair

Adrian Chia: Dukoff Soprano D5

Ed – I received the Dukoff today. It plays great! One new discovery: I find my Fibracells not as easy to play, after the refacing. The reed I sent you must have suffered from jet-lag…it kinds of “hard” to play…not as responsive as before. But: I slapped on a new Vandoren ZZ #2.5…and then the problem is solved. I never played cane for at least 2 years…after I found the Fibracell…this is weird. The ZZ reed is very responsive and allows me to play pianissimo…soft one thing I forgot to tell you…I’m a soft-blower…I don’t play hard and put lots of air into my horns. I live on the 21st floor of an apartment. I even have to practice by blowing into my closet! Thus, if my mouthpieces/horns don’t allow me to play soft…I get very frustrated. I hate resistance. I like horns that respond to a “breath”…thus the reason why I play Mark VIs…Not because of the glamour factor…I heard that the NEW Yamaha Custom Z horns are also responsive…might try one after I get some money… Your refaced Dukoff D5 and my Vandoren ZZ #2.5 is a match made in heaven. I am VERY pleased with the job! Thanks! I will recommend you to all my local sax friends…and would post a good word for you on the Forum if I’m there the next time… Cheers, Adrian

Adrian Chia: Soprano Barone HR

Ed – I received mouthpiece today. THANK YOU-THANK YOU-THANK YOU!!! I am VERY pleased with the way this thing plays! I sound very full and round on my Mark VI sop…which is actually very picky when it comes to mouthpieces. This is probably THE best hard rubber sop piece I’ve played! I sounded like Branford Marsalis, esp. when I’m hovering around the notes between octave D and low C. Beautiful. And the best part…it is effortless to play. Thanks for doing magic to my piece, Ed. Next on my list: my old Dukoff D7 alto. Could you make it NOT squeak and make it fuller and fatter, free-blowing, etc? I wanna sound like Sanborn or Candy Dulfer. Thanks, Adrian

Herb Borne: Tenor Berg SS 100/1

Ed, WOW! It’s a totally different piece. I really like how it plays now and I especially like the tone. Thanks for all your help, Herb

Joe Whitney: Tenor Barone Hollywood

Dear Ed, I received the package in the mail yesterday. This package MADE my day as I was looking forward to going home and checking the mailbox with the chance that it could have arrived. The precise work you did on this Barone Hollywood looks great, I can visually distinguish an improved difference around the tip, rails, and the table. The reeds even seem to seat better and proportionate to the tip. This mouthpiece isn’t exactly a looker on the exterior with much of the plating worn off (I do appreciate how you only took off the plating that was necessary), but IMHO it definitely makes up for this with its rich tone and response. I could instantly feel a huge difference in the response and controllability after the reface. It still retains the complexity of tone that I liked prior to the close down but it speaks easier up and down the horn and more like the Saxscape that you had worked on. With a 3 1/2 DC Alexander it gets the rich darkish tone that I have been in search for without busting my chops. Though it may have busted my wallet; I guess something’s gotta give, but to me it has been worth it. Thanks so much for the time and care you had invested in this piece as I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! Thank you, Joey Whitney

Wayne John: Tenor STM

Just finished working out on the Link. Nice fat low end and round clear upper notes. I am really falling in love with this piece. Wayne